Main Story Resumes Today
by Sean Raphael & Iam Bennu

6.10.18  The main storyline resumes today.  If you want to see the latest pages, click here.  If you are a new reader and want to start the story from the beginning, click here 

Reader advisory for strong language.


Pantheon Character Profiles
by Sean Raphael & Iam Bennu

6.6.18 Pantheon character profiles are now complete.  Read them here. Get a glimpse of the backgrounds of the Gods.

"Who were they before they were transformed by the Event...?"

"For that matter, what is this 'Event' you guys keep talking about?" 

"What happened to JD?" 

"Did these ultra-powered lunatics really take his wife?"

"Will Quantum Shift ever stop partying?"

These and other questions will be answered in the future. 

These character profiles are just teasers for what's coming. Each major character of COTG will be completely fleshed out in their own individual storylines orbiting the main narrative. This will all come togther for what we feel is an amazing conclusion.  COTG is an ambitous project some 3 years in the making.  Before we are done we will examine mature themes of power, politics, religion, spirituality, science and celebrity. We will ask the question... “what does it mean to worship a god?”  

Unlike most super-hero comics, COTG is a story with a beginning, a middle and an end. Believe us, we are just getting started and will only get crazier. 

Welcome to the madness.   - Sean Raphael


Now Updating on Wednesdays and Sundays.
by Sean Raphael & Iam Bennu

5.9.18 To our readers:

Our plan is to maintain a semi-weekly update schedule where we put up pages on Wednesdays and Sundays.  We will have some small breaks here and there between Chapters but that is our model going forward.

Introducing Quantum Shift
by Sean Raphael & Iam Bennu

4.12.18. In the next chapter of Children of the Gods, we take a slight detour to introduce the epicurean Quantum Shift. Shift's a...err... "different" kind of hero. Remember that "dramatic rescue" of the astronauts mentioned in Chapter 2?  Find out what really happened here. ‚ÄčReader advisory for strong language.

The Final Chapter
by Sean Raphael & Iam Bennu

4.11.18  Great news! Chapter 4, the final chapter of book one is now available, and trust me, you won't believe the the ending.  If you are new to Children of the Gods, click here to start the story from the beginning.  If you have read the first three chapters, click here to see the fantastic finish!!!  Reader Advisory for strong language.

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- Sean Raphael aka "Mr. Infinite"