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Children of the Gods has moved to
Children of the Gods has moved to

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Children of the Gods has moved to Webtoons
by Sean Raphael & Iam Bennu
Children of the Gods is now on Webtoons - click this link to read: CHILDREN OF THE GODS - WEBTOONS 


I had to make a really difficult decision a few months ago. Children of the God's readership on Comic Fury had pretty much come to a standstill and the project was in creative turmoil. This despite my best efforts (including spending my hard earned money) to promote it on Comic Fury, Smack Jeeves and the Duck.  I acknowledge that some of that was my fault as my day job interfered with putting out regular updates, but a lot of it also had to do with the fact that many digital comic readers now consume content on phones and tablets and this particular format isn't conducive to "on the go" reading.  Further complicating matters, Amazon Prime Video debuted their version of "the Boys" and literally did a lot of things we were doing and planned to do with COTG.   

Because of this and other factors, I began to explore new options. At one point I even considered stopping altogether, but felt that this was still a story that needed to be told.  However, I was left with the question-- "what to do next?"  I found the answer by talking to my creative parther Iam Bennu who did much of the artwork on COTG and he told me about another site that he also works on, WebtoonsIam publishes his own comic SOL, on Webtoons, which I highly recommend checking out.

He and come other creators explained to me that they were getting a great response on Webtoons and their readership was constantly growing there.  Accordingly, I decided to "test the market" on Webtoons so to speak and got more subscribers in one month than I did on Comic Fury in one year.  While I love the traditional comic book format that Comic Fury has I can no longer fight the future and have chosen to permanently move Children of the Gods to Webtoons.

For any current readers who wish to continue the ride, please click on this link:  Children of the Gods - Webtoons and subscribe.  Warning: the new content is not a continuation of this story but instead a reboot.  In light of "the Boys," I have chosen to go in a different direction and lean more into the sci-fi elements of COTG.  This is no longer a simple "super-hero" story so to speak. Some of it will be familiar, but a lot of it will be very different.  The new version will also resolve more quickly and has much faster pacing which was an additional issue I identified with this version.  (Special thanks to my man RockB for pointing that out).

Three chapters are already up with a fourth coming soon. If all goes as planned, it will update with a new episode bi-weekly.  Please give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments.

Thanks for your continued support.

- Sean Raphael a/k/a Raphael Black

Children of the Gods is back!
by Sean Raphael & Iam Bennu
4.3.19  Just put up a new page as we start Book 3.  Look for more pages coming daily this week.  
Children of the Gods will be returning soon.
by Sean Raphael & Iam Bennu
3.4.2019  As everyone knows, sometimes real life gets in the way. Due to other committments that are now behind us, we had to step away from doing the thing we love the most, bringing you great new stories about our favorite Gods.  Good news is that we have been working behind the scenes and should have something to announce soon.  Needless to say, new stories are on the way and they will be bigger and better than ever.  Thanks for hanging in there with us.  - Sean Raphael
Welcome to Children of the Gods
by Sean Raphael & Iam Bennu

Welcome to Children of the Gods.  The exciting new webcomic from Infinite Forces.  

What happens when ordinary people suddenly become massively super-powered, possessed of abilities well outside of the dreams of any normal person? Comics tell us they become either super heroes or super villains, this comic looks at it another way… They become gods. Or at least that's how they think of themselves; utterly outside of normal human life and needs, not bound by any laws, rules or conventions except their own. It becomes the job of a U.S. government agency to manage these powerful forces. Follow the story of James J.D. Deckard, a senior member of Homeland Security Ultra-Human Management Division, when he and his wife Sandra have an unfortunate run in with the "prince" of the Gods, Stormdrake.  Click on a book's cover to read it.  Reader advisory for strong language.

COTG BOOK ONE: "The Fear of Man."                               

 COTG BOOK TWO: "The Burning Season"



Chapter 9 now complete
by Sean Raphael & Iam Bennu

8.5.18 Chapter 9  is now complete.  Read the big finish to Book 2 here. If you want to start Book Two from the first page, click here. If you are totally new to COTG, you can read the entire story from the beginning here. Reader Advisory for Strong Language.